What to Know Before Taking IGF 1 Supplements For Men

There is an increasing number of men who have made the decision to take certain supplements for various reasons. The two most common reasons why men take supplements are the desire to increase in muscle mass while exercising heavily and the desire to overcome certain health issues that men have been facing for a very long time such as loss of bone mass and muscle mass as aging, inability to recover in a short period of time from certain injuries, as well as many sexual issues such as ED, arousal, nerve sensitivity and so on. All of these are issues that are certainly considered possible to treat with various supplements for men which seem to be effective for many of them but not all of them.

One of the available supplements for men is the so called IGF 1 or insulin-like growth factor 1. If IGF 1 is taken in the right form and it contains purely the substance then there are high chances that it will be very effective with all of these problems. However, there are two problems associated with this supplement and the reasons why it is still not as wide spread as expected. These problems include the argument whether or not pills are better than injections and of course its legality because it is relatively new in this field. Nowadays, IGF 1 is also offered under the form of a spray which seems to be highly preferred by people who are interested.

IGF 1 is a protein which once taken it binds to a certain receptor called insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor or IGF1R. By doing so it causes the cells with this receptor to grow. The human organism produces these hormone by using the Human Growth Hormone produced in the organism converting it in the liver. However, the levels of these two hormones are dropping as people age and this is why there are studies associating IGF 1 supplements to be effective for slowing down the aging process as well. By taking supplements of this hormone people are filling the depleted levels of the hormone and therefore providing the body with the factor that keeps it working normally. There are many health benefits to the effects of the IGF 1 when it is taken in the right way.

Many people believe that this hormone is associated with steroids. It is important to understand that it has no connection to anabolic steroids and all of the side effects associated with steroids are not going to be present with the intake of IGF 1 as long as it is pure and the supplements contain no other similar to steroids components. Some of the side effects that steroids are known for include mental issues such as depression, sexual risks such as sterility and ED, cancers, and irregular organ growth. The only side effect that pure IGF 1 can be associated with is the cell growth which could affect negatively people who already have cancer cells in their organisms.

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