Things to Consider Before You Start Taking the IGF 1

IGF 1 or the so called insulin-like growth factor 1 is one of the substances that are of great interest, especially for people who are having the desire to increase their muscle mass for various reasons. This is a hormone which the live produces when it uses certain enzymes that need the human growth hormone in order to produce the IGF 1. This means that in order to get naturally IGF 1 in the human body there is the need to have the same levels of human growth factor. Unfortunately, as we are aging the levels of the human growth factor are getting lower which results in lower levels of the IGF 1, which affects many different things in our bodies that can lead to a lot of cosmetic problems or health problems. IGF 1 is known to have two forms one of which is the IGF 1 lr3. IGF 1 lr3 is highly discussed among people who are planning to take it as a supplement or inject it in their bodies. Choosing the right source for your IGF 1 lr3 is highly recommended in order to preserve your level of health.

There are many things to consider before you actually purchase your first amount of IGF 1 lr3. First of all, you want to make sure under what form you want to be taking the hormone. There are basically two different forms – pills which are supplements to the normal diet that you are having and contain the IGF 1 and many other vitamins, minerals, and so on, and the second form is the pure IGF 1 which can only be injected into the body. The first option is safer but it takes a lot more in time in order to show any results compared to the second option which is known to bring results within weeks or even days depending on the program that you are choosing. Injecting the IGF 1 requires that you make sure to choose a source that is trustworthy and brings really pure substance because any other substance mixed with the IGF 1 will affect the results in a negative way and it could also even affect your health causing a lot of health problems.

Another thing to carefully consider is the reason why you would be using the IGF 1 lr3. It could be due to its anti-aging properties or the fact that it stimulates the DNA in the muscle cells causing muscle growth and increasing the strength in people who are getting the IGF 1. Reconsidering your reasons is highly recommended before you take any rushed decisions. Getting as much information and advice from people who have experience using the IGF 1 lr3 is highly recommended in order to be able to make a well-informed decision about your own body and future. Therefore, make sure that you take enough time to consider this decision and pursue it only once you are completely sure you want it.

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