Fabric 101: How to Take Care of Fabrics

Taking care of fabrics depends on its type. Some of the most popular types of fabric you can purchase from tienda telas online are the following:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Wool
  • Spandex
  • Leather
  • Lycra

Since each and every type of fabric is different, the proper way of caring and maintaining its good condition and appearance also varies. Aside from that, there are some types of fabrics that require a higher level of maintenance.

If you’re completely unaware of the proper ways and tricks in taking good care of fabrics, this guide is for you.

  1. Cotton- cotton can be considered as one of the softest types of fabric. It is cool and comfortable to wear. Aside from that, it can easily help to absorb or release perspiration. Cotton is also durable and keeping it wrinkle free is very easy. Cotton can be machine washed with warm or lukewarm water. Ironing the cotton can be done by heating it to high temperature.
  2. Silk- silk is the type of fabric made from the fibers produced by silkworms. This natural fabric is sensitive and it requires utmost care. When washing clothing made out of silk materials, put it in a durable mesh bag. It can machine washed in a delicate or slow cycle. In this manner, you can prevent the fabric from being damaged or torn.
  3. Polyester and nylon- both the polyester and the nylon are synthetic. Thus, it is not as sensitive as the silk fabric. Polyester and nylon can be washed with warm water and in a normal or average cycle of the washing machine. When washing the polyester and nylon, make sure that you separate the items depending on the color. These types of fabric have the tendency to color bleed.
  4. Wool- wool is versatile enough to vary from being scratchy to soft. It can absorb up to 30 % of its weight and it does absorb moisture quickly. Generally, cleaning wool can be done by dry cleaning. Though there are washable types of wool, most are not crafted to withstand machine wash. But, the good thing about is the fact that it doesn’t have to be washed after every wear. To make the wool look more presentable, you can use low heat and steam to remove the wrinkles.
  5. Leather- leather is another sensitive fabric that requires maximum care. Most often than not, leathers are made out of cowhide, pig, and lamb and it requires chemicals to treat or cure its outer appearance. The leather is durable and it provides a wide variety of finishes. Even though the leather is sensitive most especially when it is always in contact with hot and humid objects, removing stains adhering to it are easy-to-remove.
  6. Spandex- spandex is a type of fabric that is stretchable. It can be stretched and return to its original shape in no time. Spandex is colored materials that can bleed, to avoid it, adding salt when washing can be a good trick.