The Advantages and Disadvantages of Store Online Game

People nowadays in modern society can enjoy many kinds of entertainment including going camping, playing sports, playing online games and others. Store online game today is known as of the fastest growing trends. It increases the generation popularity because of the advantages. But it also has disadvantages so people should be aware and careful in doing it.

Store online game makes the players much more convenient than the old one; it is one of the recognizable benefits. In playing the online game you didn’t need to care about the setup and clean up needed to play. The players can play alone or with other online players. It depends on of the option of the player about which is more comfortable and convenient compared to the old games.

Many corporations today market a lot of newly launched online games to the clients or customers by offering some versions for free for one to three months. And it helps the players more enjoy in playing games without thinking and worrying about their internet bills.

Today more people gets addicted to Store online game, it has popular in the society which seriously influences the children both mental and physical. Teenagers play online games in the morning until midnight; they spent a lot of their time in playing. And it leads to the lack of physical activities for the children that make them less active and communicative; it is one of the bad things in playing online games.

Children ignore everything because of online games; they have no interaction outside world. And probably they can do lying to their parents for the sake of their games in their room or in computer shops which become a bad habit that needs to be prevented.

Store online game commonly in kids is both harm and useful, it can be safe and good experience for children by appreciating and considering their benefits and their disadvantages. Online gaming makes children be sharpened and mentally more active. The games commonly have a various levels or mission to be completed in limited time. And this kind of task will help the kids learning about time management.

The mind and hand coordination in playing online games is one of the main important advantages that the children experience in playing online games. With the actions of his/her hands the child can learn to coordinate his/her mind

Store online game has a lot of benefits it really useful for the adults because it helps to release stress for some of us. But still it has a lot of disadvantages, so it’s better to us to be aware and always be careful in using the internet by doing online games.

Parents are need to protect their children becoming addicted in online games. Their child needs their guides and attention to prevent in playing games. But online games is useful for their child, parents should avoid by completely banning their children from playing online games. The good and safe way is parents will need to make some strict rules to be followed by their kids.