Caring for Your Corset

Many women rarely clean their corsets and don’t know the proper ways of caring and cleaning for your corset, and the recommended and realistic way. If you’re also wondering about hand washing or dry-cleaning your corset there are also the right and proper way for doing that. The recommended method of caring for your corset is to always wear a thin garment underneath it, by doing this; it helps in preventing build up of oils or lotion from the skin on the corset lining and means that your corset will require the least regular cleaning. Whether you buy an expensive corset or even bought a corsets baratos online, it is very important that you know the proper way on how to take care of it in able to use it for a longer period of time. Here are some guidelines on how to maintain and clean your corset:

  • When putting your corset in its proper storage, remember not to roll it up when storing it. Always keep your corset in a cool and dry place, like an acid-free archival box, the lined it first with unbleached muslin, you can also use an unbleached pure cotton pillowcase, or make a special corset bag where the corset can lay flat inside. Moreover, when storing your closet your corset always make it sure that there is no pressure on the bones that will distort or bend them in any way.
  • After wearing your corset, lay it flat, turn the lining side up, in able to air out. You can also set it out in the sun occasionally to help refresh the lining, however, always be careful when leaving it out for a long period of time because the sun may damage your corset that can lead to fading, before laying it under the sun, be sure that edging material of your corset is not prone to sun damage.
  • When cleaning for your corset, it should be washed as little as possible and never ever put it in a washing machine. Your corset’s spring steel bone can be severely damaged by a washing machine, however, there are many you can do to extend the time before your corsets require washing, while maintaining your corsets smelling fresh and clean.
  • When removing odors from your corset, there are several products that can be used to help remove the odors from it. Which one you will use is depends on the material that your corset is made with, particularly the covered material that used. One of the cleaning products that can be used is the talcum powder; especially those anti-bacterial powders can effectively work, but always be careful of the dust residue grinding into the cover material that will potentially cause discoloration. The next one is diluted vodka, half water mixture, can be dabbed or spritzed onto the inside, and it can effectively remove not only odors but also sweat stains as well.
  • When spot cleaning or an odor removal is not enough, many corsets may be washed through hand wash. But before proceeding to hand wash your corset, be sure to check first with the maker of your corset to confirm that the materials are safe to hand-wash, or whether if there are any recommendations for soaps or detergents to use.