Men’s Belt 101: Top 6 Belts that Men Should Have in their Closet

If you are fashionable enough even in spite of being a man, you should know by now that cinturon para hombre (men’s belt) is part of it. If girls include collecting belts are part of their fashion style and collection, cinturon para hombre should not be left behind by men too.

As a matter of fact, fashion stylists consider cinturon para hombre as one of the most important fashion packages in men. For the majority of men, their look would not be complete if they don’t have their belt. It is common also in professional settings to men wearing a men’s belt. Every outfit they wear just looks better when they wear a belt.

Men’s belt can be partnered to almost all kind of trousers as long as it has belt loops. It can be worn with shorts, chinos, jeans, slacks, and so much more. So, here are the top 6 belts that men should include in their closet:

  1. Brown dress belt

For most corporate environments, it is common to have a strict dress code. Hence, there is a big possibility that you are only allowed to wear black or brown leather belt inside the office. Fashion experts say that if you are wearing black shoes, you should wear black cinturon para hombre too. If you are wearing brown shoes, you should wear a brown belt as simple as that. These tips will never get old anywhere you go.

  1. Summer fabric belt

If want to look casual in your summer outfit, this is the belt for you. Its fabric is lightweight and comes in different colors.

  1. Casual leather belt

If you are into a fashion which is a little bit of rugged or rigged indeed like chinos and jeans, you don’t want your black or brown leather belt to be awkwardly looking. You should opt for a men’s belt that is a bit wider that your formal belt. It should have a cut of thick bridle leather and 1 ½ wider.

  1. Black dress belt

Among the different kinds of belt, this black dress belt is the most formal to wear. It is the traditional belt that men wear with a suit, tuxedos, and forgo belts. For suits and trousers with belt loops, it is better to choose a belt that is made of black leather and a plain silver buckle.

  1. Smooth suede belt

If leather is common for a dress then, smooth suede belts are definitely for casual wears. This belt is perfect for casual wears in casual occasions during dinner with family and friends, or coworkers night out. This is a must have belt for less formal events.

  1. Slim belt

Slim men’s belt usually is usually 1 inch wide. It is considered as a modern belt and fashionable for men. It is perfect for dressier events and summer weddings. Its casual tailored look comes in handy for summer outfits but it looks great too with polo shirts and chinos.

Have you chosen a belt you would wear today? If you’re still missing any of this cinturon para hombre, grab your wallet now and head to the department store.