Spain Should Be Your Next Country to Visit with These 5 Awesome Reasons

All of the countries in the world have a unique experience to offer. From their landmarks to their culture, the world truly has a lot of wonder. If you plan to visit a country during the holidays or vacation, you might want to go to a country that is so rich with culture and full of hospitable people, and that is Spain. To find out more about this country, here are some reasons why you will love Spain.

  1. There are so many festivals and fiestas

This is the best reason to visit Spain: it is full of parties! You can go during the Lent Season if you want to witness a more holy celebration or during summer when almost all the towns and cities have various festivals. There are so many delicacies and wines that you’ll surely love. Whatever may be the reason, visiting Spain during their festival are unforgettable and truly a marvelous thing to see.

  1. There’s a distinct culture in Spain

It doesn’t mean that Spain is in Europe they are most likely have Europeans tradition too. In fact, Spain doesn’t consider themselves as Europeans so expect more from their cities: from the structures of the places to the culture of the people. Truly, Spain is like a melting point of various civilizations rolled into one country.

  1. Their food is the epitome of perfection

Spanish food is considered as one of the most famous dishes in the world and every region (or even cities and towns) have their own specialty. Don’t be surprised if you will be served a free food in the drink you have ordered because that is one of the traditions of the Spanish people (Hooray for free food!).

  1. Bullfighting

Although it is banned and practically non-existent in some regions, it is quite popular in some prominent cities. There have been some issues in terms of political and moral standards of bullfighting. It might be terrible but bullfighting is engraved in their history, society, and culture. So while it is still practiced in some cities, better grab that chance to watch a live bullfighting. Then after buy some regalos taurinos for your families and friends back home!

  1. The sceneries are breathtaking

There are so many sceneries that Spain offers: both natural and man-made. They have a thousand year old church, an Egyptian landmark, and Roman structures. In terms of nature, they scenic beaches and mountains that are really accessible and open to the public.

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