Helpful Tips In Choosing and Applying Hair Dye Solutions

tintes baratosAre you naturally blonde, brunette or black? We have seen many women today who have different hair colors that is out of the ordinary. Some of them have pink, red, violet and others colors, which is very wise because it helps them in setting the identity and personality they wanted to portray. Aside from that, it also adds to their self-confidence. They felt like their hair has been their edge among others. If you want to feel the confidence women with hair dyes are experiencing, you can too. Everyone can dye their hair with any color they want as long as the dye they will be using is safe for their hair and head skin.

But with all the tintes baratos available in the market consumers may have a hard time in purchasing the right one for their hair needs. So, to help them in finding the best dye and on applying it, here are the tips they can follow.

  • Never trust the box with models. Even if the models on the boxes are smiling and their hair looks really beautiful, you should know that it is all a marketing strategy. The dye on these products always ends up with a lighter shade compared to the color on the package. The best way to know the real color of the dye is by looking at the chart on the top of the box because it provides the final color users can get from the color shade.
  • For those women with a hair length passing the shoulders and is extremely thick, they should use two boxes of the same shade so that they can ensure that their whole hair is fully covered. Make sure that the color balance of the dye by mixing it in a glass or plastic bowl. They should avoid using metal bowl because it can oxidize the dye that could result to change of color.
  • Similar to hair cutting, the hair texture also matters in hair dyeing. Hairs that are curly, frizzy, coarse and unruly sucks up color faster that would eventually turn to cooler toned when dye. While fine to medium hair textures do not absorb color dye that easily which will result to a warmer tone when a color dye is added. What does it really mean, for those with frizzy or curly hair they should pick a warm color such as bronze, copper, and gold. Meanwhile, for those with fine and straight hair they should choose cooler colors such as beige and champagne.
  • For those who are planning to apply their own hair dye, avoid hair patches, they should create a middle part that runs all over the back of their head. After that they should split their hair into four equal sections, the first two on the front of the ears and the other two is in the back of the ears and then placed the dye carefully section by section for the balanced distribution of color.
  • After applying the color dye, make sure to apply conditioner after rinsing the hair. Because if not, it will leave the hair cuticle open and the hair color will keep on working. They should not be surprised if their hair becomes darker as they forget to condition it after they rinse.

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